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The automotive industry as we know it today will change due to disruptions from start-ups, innovations from other industries and changing customer demands. Customers want to be connected via seamless digital channels with the manufacturer, service providers and their own vehicle. Therefore automotive incumbents should transform their product oriented strategy to a customer and service oriented strategy. There is abundant evidence that the automotive landscape is changing as we speak. It requires companies throughout the whole value chain to become fit for the digital future, so from suppliers to dealerships there is a call for action to embark on the journey of connected – customers, insights, manufacturing and operations.

Fuel Your Transformation

We help you to fuel your digital transformation on the basis of three enablers. First and foremost, put the customer at the center of everything you do in your company. Second, make sure that you transform data into a competitive advantage. In addition, make use of innovative technologies to bring operations & engineering to the next level. Thirdly, to realize the transformation, align your organization and people’s readiness.

Banking & Financial Services

A number of factors are permanently changing the Financial Services industry. These most notably include growth of new digital technologies, fast evolving customer behaviors, unsteady growth in mature economies, globalization of markets and regulatory pressure. In this challenging environment, Financial Services players must rethink their business and operating model. DigitalT accompanies the leader in the industry as they respond to today’s challenges.

Finance Services with DIGITALT

Through our longstanding client relationships and strong convictions about intelligent business practices, DigitalT has developed an expertise that is renowned in the Financial Services industry. We work with local and international “champions” of the Financial Services industry, accompanying them in the conception and realization of their transformational strategies. We offer our clients our know-how, competencies, and deep comprehension of markets to help them carry out efficient transformations.

Our Expertise in Financial Services Consulting

Through its longstanding client relationships and its strong convictions about intelligent business practices, DigitalT has developed an expertise that is renowned in the financial services industry. Our experience enables us to provide the following skills:

  • Expansion into international markets

  • Stimulation of growth

  • Transformation of multi-channel customer relationships

  • Diversification of offers

  • Operational effectiveness of the back office

  • Performance of support functions (finance, HR, IT)

  • Payments

  • Claims management

  • Regulatory change (Basel III, Solvency II)

Consumer Products & Retail

The Consumer Products and Retail sectors are undergoing one of the most profound paradigm shifts since the beginning of modern commerce. The digitalization of everything, from interaction through to shopping, through to products, and through to channels, has meant unrivalled opportunities and threats to the world’s Retailers and Consumer Product companies.

Our Expertise in Consumer Products & Retail

Consumer Product organizations have started to leverage the transition from traditional TV and printed media to consumer engagement. Organizations are focusing on effective channel-agnostic, truly customer-centric and imminent Uberization of fulfillment, hence, the game has been truly changing. Most of the leading Retailers and Consumer Product companies are aware of the changing environment. Knowing the changing trends are not enough, the challenge is to know where the trends are heading, how to respond to it and how to successfully execute upon this insight. Our clients are looking for more than brighter young sparks that can make glossy PowerPoint documents. Our clients need true partners that help them get results; someone that knows their industry, that knows the opportunities that digital can bring, and, critically, someone that knows how to actually make it happen. It’s not just about the right answer; it’s about the right outcome.

Our Offerings in Consumer Products & Retail

Our integrated offering across Management Consulting, Application Services and Outsourcing means that we are one of only a few companies globally that support clients on their end-end transformation journeys. While we have strong experience and expertise across the entire CPR domain, our specific offers are the following:

  • Differentiated Digital

  • Customer Experience

  • Future Proof Physical Stores

  • Analytics & Insight

  • Consumer-Centric Supply Chain

  • Digital Consumers

  • Integrated E-Tail

  • Consumer & Shopper Insight

Energy & Utilities

Utility companies face pressure on all sides – from stakeholders, shareholders and customers. The need for change is urgent. And we’re uniquely equipped to look at things in a new way. Our dedicated sector consultants work with more than 75 of the top Utilities businesses , building relationships and solutions that last. The Energy, Utilities and Chemicals sectors are affected by pressing concerns including volatile and rising commodity prices, environmental pressure increased competition, significant capital costs and regulatory constraints. At the same time, the value chains are increasingly turning “digital” through technological innovations such as smart fields, smart metering, smart grids& smart homes. These innovations are profoundly transforming the industry, leading to operational efficiencies and a renewed supplier-customer relationship. DigitalT closely monitors these market trends leveraging a network of dedicated research centers (Labs).

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

DigitalT helps clients formulate operational strategies, implement wide business transformations and optimize organizations and processes through dedicated operational management initiatives.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Power generation

  • Power & gas infrastructures and regulated activities

  • Energy retail including energy services

  • Clean technologies

  • Water distribution, collection and treatment

  • Upstream and downstream Oil & Gas

  • Smart Energy (including implementation of smart infrastructures)

  • Operational excellence

Track Record and Value Delivery

Our  professionals operating in some geographies include consulting professionals and experts in specific value chain segments and industry issues. We deliver consulting services to 60% of the leading Utilities companies, and to 50% of the leading Oil and Gas companies worldwide.

We are recognized for our professional commitment and leadership, our intellectual curiosity, and our ability to innovate.


The public sector is undergoing unprecedented transformation, driven by the combination of fiscal constraints and public demand for excellent services. Organizations that once operated independently must collaborate to improve services for citizens and business customers while unleashing public sector productivity. DigitalT works in partnership with public sector organizations to deliver citizen-centric services while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We believe with that the most effective approaches to reforming public services begin with the citizen. We enable clients to develop a deep understanding of the citizen experience and help them to deliver services that are tailored to meet the needs of individuals.  Rather than these tailored services being more expensive, we find that we can help clients to deliver services more cheaply, as precisely targeted services better meet the needs of citizens and can therefore be delivered more efficiently. Resources are always limited and achieving value for money is a critical issue for all governments. We deliver operational excellence and continuous improvement, unlocking productivity for our clients and freeing up staff, particularly at the front-line.  We are able to leverage new technologies to break through constraints and we bring real pace to our clients’ transformations.  We have many years of experience of working with the top tiers of government to remove costs and we are well practiced in the art of removing obstacles to cost reduction.  In short, we make delivery happen. Too often the public sector finds it difficult to learn from the best examples from governments around the world. Our global scale and breadth means that we are able to bring international insights to our clients. 

DigitalT has consultants dedicated public sector consultants in 20 countries, and over 2,500 consultants in our global network. We work across the public sector in national, regional, and local government agencies. Our key areas of expertise include:

  • Healthcare

  • Tax and Welfare

  • Public Security

  • Education and Local Public Services

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