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Effective cloud computing solutions 

Empower your business with DigitalT cloud computing products and services. Our solutions will allow you to collaborate through Internet or internet and help you run your business more efficiently. By implementing a unified system, you will be able to share, edit, comment, and publish documents. Therefore, with our cloud technology services, you will improve communication in your company, increase marketing abilities, and enhance all your business processes.

With DigitalT, you won’t need to worry about the equipment, management or maintenance of cloud technology. We will do all the work for you. Thus, you will have more time to focus on your business objectives and strategies.

Uses of cloud computing

Most likely, you have already been using cloud computing for a while. You just don’t realize it. If you send emails, watch movies or listen to music online, play games, edit documents, or store files on a virtual disc, it’s cloud computing working behind the scenes. Here are the things you can do with a cloud:

  • Create new services and applications

  • Back up information, store and recover data

  • Host blogs and websites

  • Deliver software on demand

  • Stream video and audio

  • Analyze data and make predictions

Cloud computing services include storage, databases, servers, networking, analytics, software and other – over the Internet.

Advantages of our cloud computing services


DigitalT a cloud solution provider offering the services that are:

  • Customized. We aim to meet specific needs of your business.

  • Scalable. Your capabilities, applications and their features will grow together with your company needs.

  • Mobile-friendly. Get access to your cloud system from any device.

  • Cost-effective. You won’t have to pay a fortune for our services.

What cloud solutions we offer

Our powerful tools for increased productivity and collaboration include

Microsoft Office 365 - Increase your company’s efficiency with business e-mail and collaboration tools such as shared calendars, tasks and contacts, emails and public folders at your chosen domain. Also, get access to them on Android or Apple mobile devices for a flat fee.

Google G Suite (previously knows as Google Apps) is desired by business users and IT administrators alike. It comes with unlimited storage, efficient admin controls and enterprise-level security, as well as Google Vault for your archiving and eDiscovery needs. 

  • Mobile-centric: See your work from any computer, smartphone, or tablet. From field operations to telecommuting, mobility allows your workforce to make better use of their time and simply get things done.

  • Project-driven: Get projects done faster, cheaper, and with better quality by taking advanage of Google's tools. Use Drive for proposals, campaigns, project management, budgeting, auditing and more.

  • Collaboration-focused: Google Drive makes it easy as ever to quickly give colleagues and clients access to view, download, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. No email attachment required.

Zoho Workplaces All the tools you will ever need to create, collaborate, and communicate with your teams, in one integrated suite of apps. Re-imagined, Zoho Workplace delivers all your Collaboration & Communication tools in one best-of-breed suite of apps. Do we like Zoho Workplace? You bet we do! With a price tag of free, a minimalist user interface, and the ability to share documents amongst team members without sending them by email, Zoho Workplace puts group collaboration & communication at the forefront of cloud-based work. 

Microsoft Azure: is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks. Take advantage of a comprehensive set of services, infrastructure, and tools to build AI-powered experiences. Build bots that naturally interact with users and built-in advanced analytics tools to make faster predictions. Use a rich set of Azure data and AI services such as Azure DatabricksAzure Cosmos DBAzure Cognitive Services, and Azure Bot Service to enable new experiences in your apps for human-like intelligence. Rely on managed service capabilities such as built-in monitoring, threat detection, automatic patching, and backups.

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