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Technology Innovation

At the same time, they are urged to unleash the transformation potential offered by digital innovation. Their personal challenge is to become the digital leader within their organizations.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

Our role is to support CIOs in their journey to becoming CDOs (Chief Digital Officers). To achieve this, we help them design new offerings and services within a digital universe and deliver the transformation of the related systems and operational models. We have also developed deep expertise in the industrialization of IT operations: globalization and off shoring strategies, leverage of cloud computing, improvement of operational excellence through lean IT. Finally, we help CIOs reinforce their interactions with other entities by reshaping strategic and financial governance of IT.

To support CIOs in their industrialization and Digital Transformation, we provide a global network of more than 300 experts. They provide innovative technological thinking combined with our culture of strategic ambition and operational excellence. We are the partner of choice to guide CIOs through the design and deployment of their most ambitious projects.

Innovation through Digital

Achieving the shift to a digital world has become a key priority for CIOs. They have to support the organization with its new business challenges, opening their companies towards their environment and drastically reshaping positioning.

Our Expertise and Unique Approach

We help CIOs become Chief Digitals Officers:  using digital innovation and new technologies – such as Google Glasses, the Digital Wallet, 3D printers – to their best potential. Our expertise ranges from shaping new customer experiences through predictive analytics and big data to addressing digital challenges such as BYOD, cloud computing, follow the sun. It also includes, but is not limited to, multichannel services and connected devices.

We support CIOs in:
  • Setting up investment strategies for business adoption, employing a transversal vision that ensures the right prioritization

  • Structuring IT systems that are flexible, multi-platform and multi-device

  • Designing the optimal organization for digital IT: operating models, IS governance, multi-sourcing and skills

  • Defining new partnerships

  • Designing the operational processes for digital IT: collaborative R&D, digital supply chain, etc.

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